How to Shave

The art of a wet shave from the experts! With over 150 years in men's grooming, Taylor of Old Bond Street share how.


With over 150 years of heritage at Taylor of Old Bond Street, the question most asked by our customers remains ‘how to shave’. Whilst everyone will have their own specific routine, we would like to share the Taylor approach which will deliver a close shave with minimum irritation.

To start, wash your face with warm water and a clean flannel or face towel. To help protect the skin whilst softening and stimulating the hair, apply pre shave oil or gel. Using an oil or gel is ideal for men with sensitive skin to protect the skin from razor burn. With the pre-shave oil or gel applied, lather up the shaving cream into a rich, creamy consistency ideally using a badger shaving brush dipped in warm water or use our shaving soap, and apply a light covering to the face using circular motions. Badger shaving brushes are ideal for lathering as the hairs generate a rich consistency whilst opening the pores and stimulating the skin, to give you a close shave.

Take your razor and rinse it in warm water to help deliver a smooth motion. Keeping the skin taut, apply the blade and move it down the cheek and up the neck. For moustache areas, move the blade downwards and across away from the centre. For the chin area, tighten the skin by biting gently on the bottom lip and use small strokes in an downward movement.

Rinse your face with a wet warm flannel and with your hand feel around the face, lightly going over any missed areas. Finally, apply a cold flannel to your face to close the pores. With your shave complete, finish with a moisturiser or aftershave depending on your choice. Some of our customers also like to use an alum block which has been used for many decades as a natural astringent whilst also soothing any irritation.